AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software


AV Voice Changer Software

Avnex Ltd

AMD2.00 AMD0.00

Product Description

Here you are the funny program of the day! Voice Changer Software is an audio application for Windows that allows you to distortion your voice and add special effects.

The application offers you several styles that allow you to change your voice and make it to be the one of a child, a bay, a teenager, an old man,… Some styles also offer personality features such as prudence, friendliness, love,…

You can also modify the sound properties of your voice by using the equalizer. Move the controls and choose the voice you want to use.

Other interesting feature included in Voice Changer Software is the one that allows you to add background sounds. It includes birds, a forest, a waterfall, storm, bus station, helicopter or a party. Make your friends think you are in one of those place thank to Voice Changer Software.

Use Voice Changer Software to burn your creations or to fool your friends together with Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or any VoIP client, such as Skype or Voipwise.


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