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Product Description

Datadog is a monitoring solution, which lets you track your company’s servers, apps and systems. With super useful tools such as custom dashboards, Datadog lets you stay in control. The web based framework that Datadog provides allows you to use the data generated by apps, tools, and other online services and transform it into real world insight.

Your business will benefit tremendously from using the Datadog platform. Datadog brings together metrics and events from contrasting sources and lets you view the data in a way that is most beneficial to your business. For instance, IT teams may sign up to receive instant notifications regarding performance problems which are affecting their companies’ apps, whilst development teams may use Datadog for highly flexible cloud deployment. By harnessing data from both areas and bringing it together into a centralized platform, it gives your business a more transparent way to analyse the data.

Datadog is designed for IT, operations, and development teams of all sizes. In fact Datadog is used by technology firms across the globe including Intel, Adobe, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Spotify.

Graphing Metrics and Events
Not only does Datadog collect data from integrated applications, it also provides your business with tools for manipulating and graphing the metrics and events that it tags. The ability to generate graphs, which include real-time data from multiple sources, including popular web services such as Airbrake, RSS, and HipChat, is a really useful function. Datadog will allow you to organize data by host, device, or tag, and the system automatically calculates the rates, ratios, averages, and integrals so you don’t have to. The graphs can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business, and because they are all synced you have the ability to zoom in to focus on specific points of interest.

Collaborating IT Data Sources
Another useful feature of Datadog is the newsfeed, which brings multiple data sources together. It provides an up to the minute way to gain insight into events on your apps, servers, tools, and other web-services as they happen. Data dog supports services provided by MySQL, Kingdom and Github.

Upon installing Datadog’s agent and cloud integrations, you have the ability to bring metrics and events from your cloud services into a centralized location. It gives you ability to drill down and see more information regarding any single event by clicking straight into it. You can even begin a conversation with a team to discuss the cause of specific events or triggers.

Sharing Analytics
In the process of pulling together graphs and correlating metrics and events, it’s not uncommon for users to notice specific issues or triggers that they’d like to address with their teams. The manual process of sharing this information—usually by copy/pasting images and emailing those files to colleagues—is time consuming and not necessarily productive. Datadog has a great method for sharing analytics between teams. With Datadog you can quickly share insights without wasting time or losing context. For instance, if you see an important data point on a graph, just take a picture, add the details, and press submit. The snapshot and the data you’ve provided, will then appear in the news feed for every member of your team. Datadog gives all members of your team more than enough room to discuss the issue.

Datadog has numerous integrations with various cloud-based tools and services. The solution currently integrates with more than 50 services, including Amazon Web Services, Github, Hadoop, Java, Nodejs, and Pingdom.

Datadog offers a freemium pricing model. Businesses that have up to five hosts are free, rising to $15/month per host for Pro packages. There are limitations placed on amount greater than 500 hosts. Datadog also provides an Enterprise package, but this needs to be specifically requested.

Bottom Line
Overall, Datadog has some useful, real-time interactive dashboards and correlation tools that overlay metrics and events across various sources. This enables users to focus on specific code changes, which are required to configure updates and schedule jobs.


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