ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Zoho Corporation
November 2016
12.x version

AMD2.00 AMD0.00

Product Description

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk platform and asset management tool that allows you manage your IT in an effective way. With it you can troubleshoot IT service requests faster in order to keep your company running at optimal pace. Its customizable and easy-to-implement software has more than 10,000 users worldwide and is available in 23 different languages.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is web-based, easy to use, and offers multiple customizable features, such as contract management, purchasing, and knowledge management functionalities, as well as an ITIL-ready version.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus can help you maintain a complete product catalog based on product type in order to keep up with all of the assets owned by your organization. It will generate purchase orders on demand then send them via email and keep track of outstanding POs & completed purchases. It also can provide reports of requesters and assets in various formats.
Inventory Tracking
A great feature of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is inventory tracking, which is available for both Windows and Linux workstations. It can also keep up with your software licenses and let you know the number of over-utilized or under-utilized licenses across your organization.

Flexible Tickets
One of the most task-oriented time savers is the software’s flexible ticket management with multi-channel support. Its automated tool means your tickets are distributed among your team members based on their workload.

Coupled with its self-service portal that lets users efficiently find the information they need and its ability to add to an unlimited knowledge base, it’s the ideal tool for self-service help requests. The automated password reset tool is designed to keep the workflow moving without having to engage valuable manpower for small fixes.

Multiple SLA and Support Options
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus even offers multiple service level agreements and mobile support with native iOS and Android apps to keep your service running at all times. ServiceDesk Plus lets you create SLAs and provide quality services in real time to your end users. It offers your users the ease of a web portal to submit their service requests and report any incidents. Even better, any emailed help requests can automatically be converted to tickets so that no request gets overlooked or ignored.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus uses a freemium subscription pricing model, with a free 30 day trial available (no credit card required). ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition is free, with no restrictions. The next tier is ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Professional Edition, which starts at $195 per year, and the top tier is ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise Edition, which starts at $495 per year.

Bottom Line
Thanks to ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus you can access your help desk anytime, anywhere, using the ServiceDesk Plus iOS or Android app. Features such as agent-based scanning, which gives you access to any system from a remote network, and the auto-assign feature, which automatically distributes help tickets based on existing workloads, are only a couple of the many time saving tools, which this solution has to offer. With ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus you can integrate your company’s ticketing, asset tracking, purchasing, service catalog, contract management, and knowledge base into one low-cost, easy-to-use package.


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