Stacy Fisher
January 03, 2019

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Product Description

MEGA was created to help curb the privacy issues other cloud storage services seem to be subject to. While end-to-end data encryption is a great incentive to choose MEGA, the free 50 GB should certainly be your second reason.

There are bandwidth speed limits you can set in either your account settings when uploading through a browser or in the desktop sync client when using the application. The upload interface for browsers actually seems a bit like a program that’s installed on your PC, so it’s really easy to use and even supports whole folder uploads.

The desktop sync client can exclude file uploads that have particular keywords in them so you aren’t uploading a ton of unnecessary content, which is very nice. The client software also has a wonderful progress display that shows what’s currently uploading, how much time is remaining, and the files that have recently changed.

I don’t like that there aren’t any advanced sharing features when sending MEGA files – all you can do is create a public link. Password protection or link expiration would be a huge plus.

The 10 GB bandwidth limit may seem like a downfall, but even if you use it all at once, it will start coming back within a short 30 minute time frame, which is just fine with me.

All these things considered, I’ll say I’m a pretty big fan of MEGA. A secure 50 GB of free cloud storage is a wonderful offer.


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