Pandora FMS

Artica Soluciones Tecnológicas
Pandora FMS 6.0

AMD2.00 AMD0.00

Product Description

Pandora FMS (Flexible Monitoring System) is a far reaching arrangement that has been intended to oversee and control a system’s finished framework. With Pandora FMS set up, there is no compelling reason to put resources into another checking apparatus.

Pandora FMS is both an adaptable and an exceedingly versatile observing framework for sending in huge situations. It bolsters Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD framework operators, and it can screen both nearby and remote systems SNMP v3, TCP checks, WMI, and so on.

Key Features include:

  • System observing
  • Server observing.
  • WMI observing.
  • Application execution the executives.
  • Stock administration.
  • Graphical announcing, in view of it’s own SQL backend.
  • SLA and KPI measurements on announcing.
  • Discretionary Enterprise release overhaul, with expert help, and so forth.
  • Stock administration.
  • WYSIWYG Visual Console screens and Dashboards.
  • Adaptable to a huge number of gadgets.
  • Multi-inhabitant, a few layers of access control.
  • GIS following and survey.

By and large, Pandora FMS is a strong programming stage for IT foundation the executives. It incorporates organize hardware, Windows and Unix servers, virtual framework and every single diverse sort of uses. Pandora FMS has a lot of highlights, making it another age arrangement, which covers all the checking issues that an association may goes over. It can likewise be utilized effectively with a wide range of system gadgets; with SNMP (forms 1,2,3) or by means of TCP convention tests: SNMP, FTP,DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP or UDP.


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